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The Big 3 Retirement Fears and How to Reduce Income Taxes and Eliminate Estate Taxes

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We will cover several topics:

  1. Living An Abundant Retirement
  • You are The Person You Want To Be
  • You Are Doing All The Things You Want To Do
  • You Are With The People You Want To Be With
  • You Are Making The Difference You Want To Make 
  1. The Big 3 Retiree Fears
  • Running Out Of Money
  • Increasing Tax Burden
  • Stock Market Volatility
  1. A New Way To Think About Your Wealth
  • MYTH "You Can Be Your Own Wealth Planner, Tax Advisor, and Investment Manager"
  • MYTH  "You Can Be A Super Star At Two Things - Making The Money And Preserving, Protecting and Passing ON Your Money"
  • Pyramid of Clarity = Vision, Priorities then Goals
  • Stress Test your current plan for unknown side effects and interactions

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Gregg J. MacInnis
President of Gmac Family Financial

Gregg J. MacInnis is a knowledgeable and experienced veteran of the retirement, insurance, and financial planning industries. He believes in putting God first in all our decisions. Having worked in these industries for well over two decades, he knows that a financial plan must be taken in segments and at a steady and safe pace - like running a marathon. He personally ‘builds up’ in all the areas of planning so that the client has a bright and successful financial plan ahead of them.

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Exclusive rights to this material belongs to GPS. Unauthorized use of the material is prohibited.